Pro Salon LED Mask

LED Facial Light Therapy & Teeth Whitening Device

8 different LED light wavelengths including Infra-red

Introducing the Aduro UK range of facial light therapy products and treatments to your business is a great way to diversify your business offering and attract new clients that are more likely to make you their beauty provider of choice!

The Aduro Professional is a world exclusive device and is our most advanced and powerful facial LED mask for professional use.


Offering the unique benefits of 8 different LED light wavelengths combined with added Infra-Red Skin Boosting technology that can be used with any colour wavelength, which penetrates deeper into the skin than any other facial mask and offers the most diverse solution to skin imperfections available.

Whether you are running a successful established business or you are looking for a part time business opportunity, we have a range of options to suit your needs. Complete our business enquiry form here


Why should you choose Aduro UK?

Aduro UK offers high quality medical devices at the forefront of world class  technological advances that are afforable, mobile and versatile!


With a team based environment centrally focussed on its people, we are there for you every step of the way!

At Aduro UK our clients tell us that the strength and versatility of our Professional device with built-in teeth whitening capabilities far exceeds their expectations and offers them two new income streams that gets their clients excited instantly!

Simple to use, ergonomical design, compact for ease of storage and transport, most advanced technology using 3 chip diodes providing 8 different colour LED light wavelength options including infra-red making the Professional a cost effective solution to ensuring your salon can offer the best to your clients without compromising on quality.

What we really pride ourselves on though is our customer service and the importance of helping you get the most out of becoming part of the Aduro Australia team through practical training, functionality, guidance and continued support, we want you up and running as quickly as possible to start offering these amazing services to your clients!

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Best priced multi-function Pro Salon LED light therapy TGA Medical device.

Have you been wanting to offer light therapy in your salon?

We want everyone to be able to afford to experience the benefits of light therapy and the only way we can do is to make it affordable for you!

If you have experienced an existing LED device with the basic Red and Blue but want a more advanced product to offer your clients targeted LED light wavelengths to give them a faster, tailored experience ever sessions then you need to give contact us!

Please complete our online Business enquiry Form and we will contact you to discuss our package options and send you more information about how to become an Aduro UK Approved Light Salon!


We believe that joining our team at Aduro UK team will not only add additional services to your clients, but  transform your business into a thriving hub with a great reputation for offering the latest advanced technologies in the WORLD and gain an advantage over your competitors.


We look forward to welcoming you to the team.



Director, Aduro UK Light Therapy 

Additional information

Unique Selling Points

20,000 light hours (Equivalent to 60,000 x 20 minutes sessions!

Mobile – With a beautiful wheel base you can move easily around the salon, offer mobile services and literally pick up your device as its light weight!

Teeth Whitening, 2 Devices in 1 – One of the most exciting features of this device is that you can offer teeth whitening alone or with a facial light therapy session using our non-peroxide cosmetic teeth whitening products from PearlySmile!

One device that does it all! This means zero downtime for you and no loss of income in-between treatments!

LED Wavelengths

Our professional facial light therapy device offers the following features:

Infrared – Shown to promote Collagen production and ATP stimulation.

Red – Shown to promote Anti-Aging, collagen and elastin production, promotes healing, increase blood flow to the skin.

Orange – Shown to promote Anti-Aging and skin rejuvenation.

Yellow – Shown to decrease redness after peels, microderm/needling. Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Sunburn.

Green – Shown to balance skin tone and texture, great for Hyper-Pigmentation.

Cyan – Shown to soothe and calms the skin/pain blocker

Blue – Shown to promote Anti-acne and part of our Teeth whitening system.

Violet – Shown to promote Anti-Acne, cleanse the skin and combat Ageing.


Simple to use, economical design, compact for ease of storage and transport, most advanced technology using 3 chip diodes providing 8 different colour LED light wavelength options including infra-red!

Selectable Light Wavelengths (Red, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Infra-red)

Selectable Modes (Face, Eyes, Nose, Mouth)


Mask Face – 27 x 31 cm.

Diameter of Wheel Base – 65cm.

Controller – 10 x 15cm.

Height: Floor to Controller – 100cm, Controller to top of mask – 102cm.

Elongated neck length allows for multiple treatment positions without restrictions, upright, reclined and laying flat.

It also offers ability to adjust mask to a comfortable position for your clients offering you the ability to use the mask directly on the skin or slightly away from the skin based on client preference.

Weight: 12kg

7 reviews for Pro Salon LED Mask

  1. Catherine Corcoran | Blue Ocean Beauty Maroubra

    I have been working with the aduro led system for a number of months now. Our clients are loving the results as are we as therapists! I am finding that we are getting great results combining the led mask with skin peels, instant luminosity, all redness is completely reduced by the time the treatment is finished. Adding in the collagen masks has been an added bonus for our client and keep them coming back.
    Skin needling is a very popular treatment and since I have added the led red light to the treatment it has reduced the redness by up to 50%, speeding up the healing time and clients are feeling more comfortable to leave the salon as before they has a lot of redness through out the whole face prior to us having the led add on to our skin needling. Now we are mainly seeing a pinkness through the skin and by the next day it has completely disappeared.
    Introducing the Aduro system to my salon has been one of the best decisions. We have on going support from Leone, an amazing social media presence and super training ?

  2. Tia Churstain – Laser, Skin & MediSpa

    I have used LED on my own skin for years and love it so much! I was so excited when I came across Aduro and the range of different lights and functionalities this machine offers, it gives me the flexibility to perform a wide range of treatment options on my clients. I recently underwent online training via Skype which I found convenient and informative. I love the additional option of teeth whitening this has to be my favourite treatment so far, I have performed several treatments and seen some outstanding results. Dealing with Leone has been an absolute dream, she’s passionate and motivated about the brand and it’s really great to see and I’m looking forward to working together in the future.

  3. Natalie – Perfectly Baked Tan

    I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this device is!! It has been such a fabulous addition to our services and everybody is seeing fantastic results already. Leone is absolutely incredible, she is so knowledgeable and great at what she does and has supported us since the day I enquired about the device. If I could give her a rating of 10 stars I would. Thank you Leone for your continued support and passion. It is very inspiring!!

    Much love,
    Perfectly Baked Tan

  4. Jo Kazan – Jo Kazan Beauty

    We have had our LED for about 2 weeks now and LOVE it!!!!!! It is such a great addition to our treatment menu and us staff are seeing such fantastic results already. I participated in online training via Skype which was fantastic! So easy that I could participate without leaving the salon. Leone’s energy and passion for the product is contagious! She is so knowledgable and I certainly took a lot from the training! Im so excited so see what this amazing device will do for our clients. Thank you Leone I am looking forward to working with you in further in the future

  5. Daksha Patel – Ayuskaam Beauty and wellness Salon

    I have known Leone for last three years when I bought professional Led Light machine for my Salon. My experience is Leone has never failed me, immediate response to any question, training was very thorough, fantastic support system. I am extremely happy as I know I can contact Leone any time. Very Very Happy Thank you Leone.

  6. Emmalee – Emmalee Beauty Therapy

    Absolutely fabulous, Leone was always available and quick to answer any questions I had about the Aduro system. So much useful knowledge and answered questions that I didn’t even think to ask. The Aduro mask is such a great machine to have for my clients. It is a machine that can change peoples lives and thankfully I had Leone to guide me through and made sure that I had the knowledge to best treat my clients and myself.

  7. Emma Port – Eden Hair & Beauty

    This is going to be difficult to fit everything I love about LED treatments and the Aduro system in one summary, but here we go!
    As a customer, I first experienced LED light therapy in 2012 and it changed my life. Before this, I had been a sufferer of chronic eczema my entire life. As a baby, my parents had to wrap my hands in bandages to stop me from scratching myself and my whole life I was constantly using cortisone creams and at some points (usually triggered by stress) I had even been prescribed oral cortisone to calm it down.
    At the time that I first tried LED light therapy, I was experiencing the eczema particularly bad on my face. It was so bad and I was so dubious that the LED treatment would work (as I had tried almost every other thing on the market with no success, and could not emotionally handle being told something would work again if it didn’t), the people I got the LED treatment through were so convinced it would benefit me that they offered to provide me free treatments until I saw results. I was very sceptical to say the least.
    At first because I stopped using the cortisone and possibly due to stress I was experiencing at the time, it got slightly worse before it got better, but within 4 – 5 weeks my skin was visibly less inflamed. I persisted with the treatment with weekly treatments for 12 months (although I believe I could have probably done less treatments – I was just scared that if I stopped doing the treatments my skin would get bad again). Within about 2 – 3 months my eczema was completely gone and following that my skin just continued to get better and better with every week. Soon all my friends and family were asking what I had done, which I was so happy to share with them this life changing, pain free, in-invasive treatment. Many of them also started using the LED light for a wide variety of issues and ALL found improvements, even people who had no main skin concerns saw improvements.
    After 12 months of using the LED lights, the clinic I went to closed as the owners moved overseas and couldn’t find an owner for the business. I was devastated and was so scared my eczema would come back, however it is now 2016 and it has NEVER COME BACK!
    Earlier this year, probably more due to age and busy lifestyle, I noticed my skin was becoming a little dull and tired looking. I started investigating where I could get LED treatments done. I found a salon and started going regularly, and my skin immediately improved again. I thought to myself, I love this treatment so much that if I invested in one of these lamps, I would eventually pay it off because I would have spent that much money on treatments anyway.
    I came across Aduro and the amazing Leone. She told me about the Aduro machine which has 4 additional colours to the traditional lights which are all I had experienced previously. All the colours penetrate the skin at different wave lengths and therefore have different benefits or are used for treating different conditions.
    I can’t explain how much this changed my life. Previously I was always uncomfortable and itchy skin; I couldn’t sleep and used to wear the kind of zinc based makeup which you need to cover tattoos. Now my skin is healthy and comfortable and glows with minimal makeup. When I use the lights regularly, friends ask if I have had botox! because my skin looks so much fuller and firmer! I have had no botox or invasive treatments, just the magic of LED.
    I would encourage anyone with eczema, dermatitis, acne or any skin concern to try it. You really have nothing to lose.
    I would encourage you to read online all the other scientific studies that have been done and medical research which is being conducted all around the world into the healing benefits of LED light therapies and decide and see for yourself the difference it makes.
    I have the professional light and the home light. I use the professional light as often as I can, but due to being so time poor and it being located at my business (hair salon), I often don’t get time to use it, however I would rate it much better/more powerful and with better results than any other lamp I have used.
    The home care mask is fantastic for maintaining the in-salon treatment. I use this at least once a week and find it fantastic, however as mentioned the professional lamp being so much more powerful does give a much more intense and obvious result quicker. I think both in conjunction with each other and a good skin care range would give you the absolute optimum results.

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