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Anti-ageing, Anti-acne, Uneven skin tone, Redness, Eczema, Rosacea LED Light Therapy Masks plus so much more! At Aduro Australia we believe that premium skincare products should be accessible and affordable to everyone without compromising on quality.

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Clinical Studies

If you would like to learn more about LED Light therapy and the array of benefits you can achieve by using different light wavelengths plus infra-red in treating skin concerns, we have provided some clinical studies to help you get the best out of your light therapy regime.

LEDs provide light for plants grown on the Space Station as part of commercial experiments sponsored by industry. Researchers discovered the diodes also had many promising medical applications, prompting NASA to fund this research as well, through its Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala. 

Benefits of LED light wavelengths and infrared Phototherapy

Phototherapy is used in the treatment of acne vulgaris, seasonal affective disorders, depression, psoriasis, eczema and neurodermities. LED of the red and near infrared range also is characterized by the therapeutic effect. They have an ability to influence cromatophores and enhance ATP synthesis in mitochondria. To speed up the healing of wounds and stimulate hair growth light sources of a weak intensity are used. The light of blue-green spectrum is widely used for the treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinemy. A photodynamic therapy takes a special place. The third generation of the blue (410 nm), yellow (595 nm) and red photosensitors are used. 

The blue light treatment system offers effective, rapid, convenient and well tolerated treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions. The majority of subjects consider it much gentler than traditional acne treatments and it facilitates effective treatment without the need for antibiotic exposure. The blue light treatment system and blue light therapy alone are attractive treatment options for acne vulgaris, both as alternatives to traditional acne treatments and as adjunctive treatments to complement existing therapies.


Results showed improvement of signs of photoaging in 90%. The majority of patients demonstrated improvement in peri-ocular wrinkles, reduction in Fitzpatrick photoaging classification, global skin texture and background erythema, and pigmentation. No side effects were noted. LED photomodulation is a safe and effective non-painful non-ablative modality for improvement of photoaging.

LED photomodulation is a safe and effective non-painful non-ablative modality for improvement of photoaging.No side effects were noted.

LED treatments Red Light and Infra-red Light (633-nm and 830-nm) play a role in the treatment of photodamaged skin. LED treatments can be used as either a primary or adjunctive treatment modality.In the results, objectively measured data showed significant reductions of wrinkles (maximum: 36%) and increases of skin elasticity (maximum: 19%) compared to baseline on the treated face in the three treatment groups. Histologically, a marked increase in the amount of collagen and elastic fibers in all treatment groups was observed. 

Natural wound healing process & Hyper-pigmentation

NASA light-emitting diodes (LED) for light therapy will greatly enhance the natural wound healing process, and more quickly return the patient to a preinjury/illness level of activity.