Collagen Mask Serum Infuser + Collagen Eye Mask

Take your Collagen Infused LED facials to the next level with our Collagen Mask Serum Infuser.

Micro skin needling is an effective way to boost your skincare products for rapid skin absorption! Inside every Collagen Face mask you receive 10ml of excess serum containing vitamins A, C, E and Licorice root to use on your skin (or 2.5ml in our Eye, Lip and Nasolabial fold masks).

Create more than 30,000 micro channels on the epidermal skin surface within five minutes using our Micro Needling Serum Infuser to form an efficient nutrient delivery system using the active ingredients from your Collagen mask serum to effectively prime your skin ready for your Collagen Infused LED facials.

Using our tiny 0.25mm Micro Needling Serum Infuser will not harm your skin or make it bleed, rather create tiny channels for optimised product absorption.


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Instructions for use:

1. Using your favourite cleanser, double cleanse your skin.

2. Remove the skin needling head from the Ampoule and open your Hydrogel Collagen Mask. Pour approximately 2.5ml of Serum (or all the Serum from your Collagen Eye or Lip Mask) into the Ampoule, replace needling head and remove protective cap. Leave your Collagen Mask in its packaging until step 4.

3. Begin rolling on the forehead. Gently roll backwards and forwards in a horizontal motion repeating over each area 3 times. Repeat the step this time in a vertical motion then a diagonal motion as shown on the diagram that came with your order. Do the same for the cheeks, chin, eye and neck area.

4. Once Serum Infusion is complete, apply Hydrogel Collagen Mask and then your LED Mask. Select your desired treatment setting.

5. Disinfect you’re roller using 75% Isopropyl Alcohol. Remove needling head and cap, then submerge all parts including ampoule in Alcohol for 10 minutes.  Let air dry and re-assemble for next use.

6. Enjoy your beautiful rejuvenated complexion!

Additional information


Skin Infuser:
Titanium micro needles 0.25mm, 10ml Glass Ampoule

Collagen masks:
Aqua, Collagen, Glycerin, Allantoin, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Retinol (Vitamin A), Trehalose, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) root extract, Rose Extract

Precautions For Use:

– Always thoroughly disinfect after each use with Alcohol.
– Do not share Skin Infuser with any other person
– Each mask is a single use product.
– For external use only.
– Do not apply to broken or cracked skin.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Avoid direct contact with eyes. If contact occurs, wash immediately with water.
– If skin becomes irritated, rinse skin with water and do not use.
– Store in a cool dry place.

8 reviews for Collagen Mask Serum Infuser + Collagen Eye Mask

  1. Janet H

    Sensational product, there is no looking back honestly…. Leone you are the best and can’t thank you enough Gorgeous xxxx

  2. Zoe I

    Really enjoyed being able to give myself a serum infuser boost! Skin is improving daily, thrilled with every single product – thank you ??

  3. Andrea S

    Amazing. Only been using for a week but already can see improvement in stone tone and skins more radiant.

  4. Kelly E

    I’ve been using the micro needling for 2 months now and I love how plump and hydrated my skin is after.

  5. Stephanie Y

    This is the best home roller i have ever used! It literally has hydraulics so if i press too hard into my skin around my eyes it retracts back into itself. I absolutely love it with my collagen mask serum before I do my LED !

  6. Emma H

    I’ve been using this with my Collagen masks and my skin is plump and very hydrated after. The fine lines on my forehead are way smoother when I use this with my mask.

  7. Lucinda P

    Such a brilliant idea!
    I always always made sure I would make use of the serum left over from my collagen masks, but this has just amplified that in every way! Better product absorption means better results! Definitely a great way to up the glow and increase skin repair ❤️

  8. Leone G

    I usually pour the extra serum from my Collagen masks into a pot and pop it in the fridge after my collagen infused facials and then press it into my skin every morning and night for the next couple of days! I love that I can push the vitamin water deeper into my skin before my Collagen Infused LED facial to get the best from my treatments!

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